Intelligent use of technology

Unbeknownst to most users,
you already run tools
which allow you to do spectacular things.

—Bert Hubert, “Linux Advanced Routing HOWTO”

Free Software

Think “free” as in freedom: the freedom to use, modify and redistribute—which incidentally leads to “free” as in zero cost.

For a decade free software—such as the GNU/Linux operating system—has been more affordable, more powerful and more secure than proprietary alternatives. Now people are discovering that free software has become friendly as well.

Skeptical? Ask us for a demonstration.

And when it comes to developing a custom solution, one that's just right for you, free software lets us programmers build on what already exists, so we use our time—which is your money—far more effectively.

Commodity Hardware

With the right software, the hardware you already have can do things that will surprise you. If you do upgrade, you will find that free software and cheap hardware form a winning combination.

Incremental Development

Technology projects never unfold as planned. As a system comes into existence piece by piece, people see more of what is possible, understand better what they want, and adjust their requests.

When we work with you, we make an overall plan that describes the final destination and how to get there. Within it we describe one short-term milestone at a time, clearly expressed in terms of measurable results that make sense in and by themselves. This way you have a usable and useful system all along, and your feedback drives further development.

In addition, short-term objectives let us estimate time and cost accurately.

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